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International Wedding Planning

Eğlence Organization Company is one of the biggest supporters for foreign couples who want to make a wedding in Turkey.

Eğlence Organization Company Is serving since 21 years in the sector of organization in Turkey and the company made a lot of organizations in Turkey many regions. The company Have the largest store in Istanbul, Eğlence Organization Company is the leader in its sector with 20 years of experience.
Entertainment organization is now supporting the couples who prefer to marry in Turkey from all over the world. Eğlence Organization Company is International Wedding Planner for everybody who want to;
Get Married in Turkey
Wedding Planning in Turkey
Honeymoon in Turkey
How to get married in Turkey.
How Wedding in Turkey?
Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Marmaris Wedding Organizations Honeymoon Programs
Eğlence Organization Company is wishing to marry foreign nationals in Turkey make the best wedding for the couple who want to marry in Turkey . Wedding event could take 3, 7, 10, 15 days according to the couple who want to marry.
Eğlence Organization Company meets all the needs of couples who want to marry in Turkey. These needs are welcome at the airport, accommodation at 3 or 5 star hotel, Istanbul tour, Boğaz tour, Turkey tour, henna night in the Turkish bath, bachelorette party, hairdresser, wedding car and decoration, photography and camera, wedding, wedding decorations, honeymoon rooms, etc. . it will meet all your needs.

Program 1st day on the first day of this plan, we meet the couple and their guests in the airport and then transfer them to the hotel with panoramic Istanbul tour before going to the hotel. At the same time, we prepare for the girl’s henna night, bachelor party for the boys. At henna night which will be in a traditional Turkish bath and the girls will have fun with their friends while the groom and his friends are having fun by arranging a bachelor party. After the fun is finished, we take couples and guests from the hammam and transfer them back to the hotel.

On the 2nd day of our plan, the couples and the guests will have a nice breakfast at the hotel, then we will come with our cars and take couples to the hairdresser. For the lady's hairdresser it will be the bride + 5 friends, as for males it will be the groom + 2 friends and the hairdresser fee we will pay it. After the hairdresser work is over, we will take the couple in Istanbul tour with the bride car we decorated. While we are touring in Istanbul, we will take photographs of couples in Istanbul's most popular tourist areas with most beautiful views. After photography section is over, we will take the couples to the place where the wedding organization will be held. The wedding venue we chose will be already set up by us and we will meet all their needs. When the couples are preparing for the most important step in their lives our cameraman will be there to record these moments from the beginning of the even till the end. After the wedding is over, we will transfer the couple to the honeymoon room which we prepared and decorate and it will be the finish of day 2.

On the 3rd day of our plan, in the morning the couple and the guests will have a nice morning breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast we will take them to a Bosphorus tour after the tour ends we come to the end of our plan. we will take the couple and guests to the hotel to prepare for their return to their country. After preparing the suitcases at the hotel, we will take the couples and guests back to the airport with our cars and we will come to the end of this plan.
Let’s talk about it in a short way;

1.     Day 
·          Receiving from airport
·          Panoramic Istanbul tour
·          The arriving to the hotel
·          The traditional bath and henna for women
·          Bachelor party for men

2.     Day
·          Morning breakfast
·          Hairdresser
·          Tour in Istanbul with the wedding car
·          Taking photos in the open air with most beautiful sites
·          Going to the wedding
·          Going to the honeymoon room

3.     Day 
·          Morning breakfast
·          Bosphorus’s tour
·          Transfer back to the airport
  For a 7 persons For a 15 persons For a 30 persons For a 50 persons
5 Stars Hotel 1500 $ PP 1000 $ PP 750 $ PP 650 $ PP
3 Stars Hotel 1250 $PP 800 $ PP 600 $ PP 500 $ PP

*Note: These prices will not included (airplane tickets, lunch and dinner)
*pp: is the price per person.
Foreigners Why They Love to marry in Turkey
• Historical moments
• Intimate atmosphere 
• Natural beauty
•  The amazing view for the Bosphorus 
• Affordable Prices
•  Shopping Paradise
• Reservations must be made at least 3 months in advance before the marriage date
• Feather guidance service is included.
• The price includes all transfers.
• The price includes a 2-night stay.
• The tour takes two nights and three days.
• Hairdressing service of Bride and Bride's 5 Friends is included in the price.
•  The groom and 2 of his friends hairdressing services is included in the price.
•  Wedding video and camera shots are delivered on the next day.
• Price include the breakfast and wedding food 
• Unlimited Beverages for 4 hours. The invited guests are also can ask for alcoholic beverages
• The food for the wedding is include: starters plate, main food, salad and wedding cake.
• The bridal car can be a Mercedes minibus or a classic car.
• The Bosphorus Cruise is organized as a standard cruise. It’s not private for the group only.
• Honeymoon room is only for the married couple. It is prepared for 1 night. The other night is reserved in the normal room.
•  All extras will be paid by the couple and their guests.
•  The tours doesn’t include the lunch and dinner.
•  The guests who want a hairdresser service. The ladies per person is 40 Dollars. Men are 20 Dollars.
• On the photos taking day for the couple, the other guests can go for shopping as a free day.
•  The couple can have up to two friends next to them in the photos shoot.

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